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The Zealandia Way

The Zealandia Way is utilising the clean, green environment responsibly, to develop products that benefit the health of our animals, while still supporting the local community.  

Supporting the Environment

New Zealand, and part of Zealandia - is a natural sanctuary on Earth evolved over millions of years. We have a duty of care to nature including all animals: 

On the land : Farm & Wild Animals, Forests  
At Sea : Fish & Molluscs, Litter-Free Oceans & Beachs 
In the Air : Native Birds & Poultry, Clean Breathable Oxygen 
Developing functional products that benefit the health of our pets

We utilise raw materials from the human food chain, to provide exceptional quality ingredients in the food offered to our cats & dogs. This includes clean protein, lamb organs filled with abundant nutrients, green-lipped mussels for hip & joint health, and Salmon & Hoki Fish Oil for a glossy Skin & Coat. There is a reason why every single ingredient is in our products. If it's not needed, then it's excluded. We believe that feeding as close to 100% natural is the best way to look after your pet. 

Community Spirit

Wherever we can, we support activities and projects in markets where we sell Zealandia pet food that benefit the local community. This may be in the form of donating food to a dog shelter, helping volunteers by supplying free cat food to feed stray cats, or even sponsoring a cat/dog show with animal welfare standards.    

The Zealandia Way
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